It’s 9 pm and you’re watching TV with the family. Your kids are folded up and stuffed in every corner of the couch. The two smallest are asleep and your wife is reaching for the remote. She is being sweet and lazy, but her intent is to end the night and turn off the tube. You look at the kids who are still awake and whisper, “Late night. Get P.J’s and brush your teeth.” Then your oldest murmurs, “Dad, were out of toothpaste. We even used all of yours this morning.” Nothing like waiting until the last minute.

Although I am a dentist, I have to admit that I am not without faults. I often run out of toothpaste and floss…… kind of like the auto mechanic whose car is always broken down or the landscaper who never has time to cut his own grass. I have 5 kids, 1 dog, 2 cats, and a female gerbil named “Steve.” I forget things… even toothpaste. It happens a lot, especially when your oldest son spreads Colgate all over his face because he thinks that it kills zits. The poor kid is going through puberty so I won’t embarrass him. I won’t mention his name because Roseburg Oregon is a small town, but I can tell you that his name rhymes with “badam,” there is no “b” and it starts with an “A.”

Nonetheless, I have to imagine that almost everyone or every family gets stuck in a situation where they don’t have toothpaste and they don’t feel like walking through Walmart for a late night trip. So…… being the nice Roseburg Emergency Dentist that I am, I have decided to let you in on my “Roseburg Dentist Homemade Toothpaste Recipe.” This is a short list of ingredients. If you really want to get into the hippy or earthy recipes you can add peppermint or hemp seed or Google search “Organic homemade toothpaste recipes for people who like smelling like dead fish, but want that fresh feeling in their mouth.” I have created a short list for those who need to make a concoction quick and fast.

3 Tbsp. of baking soda
1 Tbsp. of finely ground Sea Salt
A few drops of vanilla, cinnamon, or any flavorful oil in your pantry.
1 tsp. of oil. Olive or coconut is preferred.
½ tsp of dried sage. If you don’t have it, no worries. Sage has a strong flavor for kids, but it’s a good anti-microbial.

1. Mix all this stuff together, but add the oil last. Add enough oil to make the consistency so that it holds on the end of your toothbrush.
2. Enjoy. The flavor is going to suck, but at least you won’t go to bed with Godzilla breath.

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Post Author: Dr. Mike Bratland

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