Clear Aligner Therapy in Oregon

Invisible braces (clear aligner therapy) is an ever more popular option to metal braces.  The clear aligners apply forces to the teeth just like the braces and wires of traditional orthodontic treatment.

Using a series of clear aligners, the teeth are gradually moved into the desired position.  While the invisible braces can treat many types of issues, they do not replace the metal braces for more difficult or complex cases.

They are especially good for spacing and crowding in patients who have reasonably good bites (assuming no teeth have to be removed).  They’re a godsend for patients who have had traditional orthodontic treatment, have experienced some return of crowding or spacing and want a metal-free “tune-up” for their smile.

Generally, each aligner is worn two or three weeks before advancing to the next aligner.  Often treatment time is less than a year to a little more than a year.  Besides the obvious advantage of not having a “mouth full of metal”, aligners are removed to make brushing and flossing far easier than with metal braces.

Eugene’s Experts on Invisible Braces

Dr. Roman is a Board-Certified orthodontist who has used clear aligner therapy since the inception of Invisalign® in 1997.  Call today for a complimentary exam and find out what clear aligner therapy can do for your smile!