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Crisdental is proud to announce that they have just opened a dental clinic in Newberg, Oregon at 710 Foothills Dr. Our phone number is 971. 634. 0575.. We specialize in general dentistry for the entire family. We provide dental hygiene cleanings, some root canal therapies, crowns, bridges, cavity fillings, and more. One of Crisdental’s most important patient treatments is for emergency dental. In the event of a dental emergency we always try to fit you in the same day that you are experiencing pain. All of our Crisdental clinic’s have a $48 emergency exam special. We want to make sure that the cost of a dental visit doesn’t keep you from seeking treatment, especially if you are uncomfortable or in serious pain. We have found that most pain is due from an oral infection and it is incredibly important to clear up the infection as soon as possible so that we can address the cause of the infection. We commonly prescribe antibiotics to clear the infection and then begin treatment after the infection and/or swelling has subsided.

We pride ourselves on being gentle and caring. We want you to be totally at ease and enjoy your dental experience with us. We will also help inform you of the best oral hygiene practices to help prevent cavities, root canals, and extractions. In the event you do need tooth replacement we will provide consultation and financial estimates for crowns, dental partials, dentures, bridges, and/or dental implants.

Crisdental currently has seven clinics located throughout western Oregon. We accept most major insurances including, but not limited to; ODS, MODA, Delta Dental, Aetna, MetLife, Advantage Dental, Pacific Source, OHP and more. Please call or text us if you would like to know if we accept your insurance.

We are incredibly pleased that we were able to find a location in Newberg. We had been searching for a nice dental clinic for years in the McMinnville and Newberg area before we found the property at 710 Foothills. We have a state of the art facility with the most advanced digital dental technology. Our Newberg dental clinic is incredibly professional and aesthetically beautiful. We designed it this way so that you would feel more relaxed and confident about your dental visit with us. Feel free to stop by, call, or text for a dental appointment or consultation.

Dental Treatment Offered:

Dental x Rays: Radiographs: Dental x-rays are vitally important for the dentist. They can help us detect problems that can’t be seen by a visual inspection such as tooth or mouth infection, cracks or damage to the teeth, and in the case of children’s dentistry they help us locate the number of teeth and position of the teeth still inside the gums.

Fluoride Dental Treatment: Fluoride helps in two ways: It helps build and strengthen enamel, which is the outer surface of your tooth structure and it also is an antibacterial agent that attacks bacteria agents responsible for tooth decay. When children ingest fluoride it enters the bloodstream and is incorporated into their developing tooth structure and helps build stronger and healthier teeth that are more resistant to cavities.

Fillings: A filling is a treatment to restore a damaged tooth to it’s original shape and function. There are four main types of fillings. They are gold, amalgam, composite, and porcelain. Amalgam fillings are very durable and the most affordable, but are darker and more noticeable. Many patients prefer composite dental fillings because they blend in with their natural teeth and are less noticeable.

Crowns: Crowns are tooth shaped structures that fit over a previously damaged or decayed tooth. There are immediate crowns, such as stainless steel crowns that usually aren’t a perfect replacement for your tooth, but can serve as an immediate and affordable solution for a damaged tooth. Permanent crowns are usually made from porcelain in a dental lab and are made to replace your previous tooth structure and maintain tooth and bite functionality.

Bridges: Bridges are also referred to as fixed removable dentures and are provided as a treatment for the loss of one or more teeth. They are supported by your current anchor teeth and are made in a lab, usually out of porcelain, and designed to match the color of your existing teeth and maintain your smile and bite functionality.

Root Canal Therapy: Root canals are the removal of the tooth’s pulp. The pulp can become infected by a large cavity, a crack in the tooth, or severe trauma to the tooth. If left untreated the infected pulp can spread to the root tip and infect the bone(abscess) in the jaw and result in loss of bone structure and/or serious pain. Once the infected pulp is removed from the tooth it is filled with a rubbery material and sealed with cement.

Dental Implants: Dental implants are metal rods used to replace a missing tooth. Their function is similar to the root of a tooth. After the implant is placed and has healed the dentist will insert a permanent crown on top of the dental implant.

Dental Extraction: Dental extractions are performed when; the tooth has experienced so much decay that it is not possible to repair with dental fillings, when there are too many teeth in the mouth, such as wisdom teeth, or when there is a severe infection that has entered into the pulp and created an abscess. Some patients prefer to have an extraction versus a root canal because of the cost of the root canal therapy. We encourage all of our patients to save their teeth.

Our Newberg dental office offers $28 new patient exams and $48 dental emergency exams. If you’re experience tooth pain we will always try to fit you in that same day. Our services include dental cleanings, root canal therapy, crowns, fillings, and dental implants. We also offer sedation dentistry to those suffering from dental anxiety or with low pain thresholds.

Crisdental offers affordable financing to take care of your dental needs. We have 0% financing for 12 months on approved credit through Care Credit and we also offer some in house financing for cosmetic procedures that starts at 9% apr. Furthermore, we accept most dental insurance plans. Delta Dental, Aetna, MODA, DHS, and more.

Call or text us today at 541-762-2747 to schedule an appointment or to ask us a question. You are always welcome to stop by our office in person to meet our staff or schedule an appointment.

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