wanted to thank you again for everything you guys have done for me. I really appreciate all the time and effort you guys put in helping me with my teeth. I’ll be very happy because I will be in no more pain, I won’t have to worry about others looking at my teeth or what others think. I’ll be in much better health and be more confident about myself. For this gift you have given me, I will be forever thankful. My life will be changed forever.


The new crown work your team worked on has been awesome. The original crown from a different dentist caused so many problems. I just finished flossing after lunch and was so thankful for the great job you did. Thank You!


Thank you Crisdental for everything you guys have done. You don’t even know how much this means to me. Everyone notices that I don’t have any cavities anymore and I still pretend as if I never even lost my front tooth. Not only have you guys helped my health but my appearance to everyone, and I thank you dearly for that. Crisdental was very nice and gentle, and I also thank Mercy Medical for the support they gave me and their donations.


Thanks to Crisdental for their care and great work on D’s teeth. Changing his life. Most importantly for all the help given us with the financial help from Mercy Foundation. Thanks to your generous gift, Derek has the confidence to face his future with a great big smile leading the way. It has already made him a better student. You have blessed him in a wonderful way. Words cannot express our appreciation. Caring people like you are very special.