$888 Crowns*. Awesome!

Have a tooth that needs a crown? No dental insurance? No problem! $888 includes exam, x-rays, core build-up or post and core (if needed), and crown for tooth. No surprises, no additional fees!

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We’re different not just because our fees are low. We’re different because we are caring, gentle and kind.

Crisdental’s versatile dental professionals specialize in general and family dentistry, offering treatment in a comforting environment. When you require emergency dental care we can see you today at one of our nine Oregon dental offices. Our dentists are located throughout Oregon at Crisdental locations in Central Point, Eagle Point, Eugene, Grants Pass, Lincoln City, Newberg, Roseburg, Springfield and Salem.

Crisdental dentists listen, and work with patients during treatment planning; keeping them informed and educated through every step of the treatment planning process. We familiarize our patients with the processes required and welcome your questions. With free children’s preventative care programs, Crisdental is committed to providing well-rounded dental care for all.

$28 dental x-rays and exams

$98 Exam & X-rays for New Patients

Crisdental is offering comprehensive dental examinations for $98 (for cash paying patients). This exam includes all necessary x-rays, perio exam, dental exam, and more.

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Free Kids Dental Care Eugene, Roseburg, Salem, Eagle Point, Central Point, Newberg, Springfield, Lincoln City, Grants Pass

Free Kids Dental Care

Crisdental is committed to improving the oral health for the children throughout Oregon. We work with non-profit and state agencies to make sure that all children have access to either free or affordable dental care. Crisdental offers free preventative care to toddlers and free limited exams to all children under the age of 18.

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Emergency Care

Experiencing pain or discomfort, please call us now. We reserve same day dental appointments for patients who need urgent dental care. Call us immediately if you have a toothache, broken or chipped tooth, bleeding in the mouth, dental infection, knocked out tooth, lost crown(s) or filling(s), need a root canal, or any other dental emergencies you may have.

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Crisdental offers multifaceted cosmetic dentistry options to enhance and transform your smile. With the most up-to-date techniques for crowns, veneers, and implants, our dentists personalize your treatment planning to create a unique and lasting smile that you can be proud of. From your first x-ray to the final fitting, our dentists excel in improving your outlook as well as your smile. Sometimes dental emergencies happen and it’s best to deal with the problem swiftly. If you need emergency care, call Crisdental today for an appointment. We reserve same-day openings for dental emergencies and are always ready to assist you. Stop suffering with tooth pain tooth pain and discomfort today!

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